Repairs to Failing Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Maintenance in Bristol

Signs of a Faulty Flat Roof in Bristol

All roofs are vulnerable, but flat roofs – so commonly used on commercial buildings and domestic extensions or outbuildings – are notorious for being prone to leaks far more readily than pitched roofs.

The secret to staying on top of the condition of your flat roof is to keep an eye on it. Even slight damage can have severe consequences, so we would recommend checking your roof at least twice a year, just after there’s been some rain, even if there are no apparent problems and the roof is relatively new.

If you don’t fancy climbing up on your flat roof in Bristol, or you spot any problems you can call us in to perform a roof survey for you.

When you check your roof on the outside, things to look out for are:

  • Any deterioration or snags with the edge trims
  • Proper seals on the joints of the roof covering
  • Any blisters or bubbles on the roof covering
  • Cracks or splits in the roof covering
  • Water pooling on any part of the roof
  • Leaves or debris accumulation at drainage points

On the inside check for damp spots on the ceiling, bubbling on interior walls and mould growth, which are all signs of a faulty flat roof.

Flat Roof Repairs or Replacement in Bristol

If in doubt about the state of your flat roof in Bristol, don’t hesitate to call us out to take a look before things get worse. If the damage has not progressed to impact on the timbers of the roof deck, and the covering is damaged rather than degraded, then it is quite likely that we can effect repairs rather than a complete flat roof replacement.

We are able to fix flat roofs in Bristol no matter what size, shape or type of roof it is, and what material it is covered with – traditional felt, GRP Fibreglass or EPDM rubber.

We’re a well-established roofing company in Bristol, recognised for our high standards, so you can depend on our experienced flat roofers to make a complete and honest assessment of the condition of your roof, and recommend repairs or – as a last resort – roof replacement, at competitive prices.

All our flat roof repair work in Bristol is guaranteed and we require no deposit up front – you only pay when the work has been completed.

We are available for flat roof repairs across all the Bristol postcode areas, from the central city and Redcliffe (BS1), Kingsdown, St Paul’s St Phillips and St Agnes (BS2) through to the outer Bristol areas like Weston-super-Mare (BS22-BS24), Axbridge (BS26), Banwell (BS29), Cheddar (BS27), Clevedon (BS21), Wedmore (BS28) and Winscombe (BS25). We also cover north Somerset and the areas of Greater Bristol that lie in south Gloucestershire like Patchway (BS10), Bradley Stoke (BS32) and Filton (BS34).

The Lifespan of a Flat Roof

How long your flat roof will last without degrading and succumbing to the deterioration of age depends on a number of factors such as the material it is covered with, how well it is maintained and – most importantly – how professionally it was installed originally.

An EPDM rubber flat roof in Bristol could last for 50 years or more, whereas a traditional felt flat roof generally lasts for around 10 years before it needs replacing.

To get the longest and optimal service from your flat roof, and reduce the risk of damage, we suggest:

  • Don’t use it as a walkway or outdoor seating area – heavy foot traffic is not good for the roof’s structural integrity.
  • Ensure contractors for equipment that is to be sited on the roof, like air conditioning units, take care to prevent damage to the roof, preferably mounting equipment on re-inforced platforms.
  • Keep the roof surface clean and free of organic debris like leaves, moss or algae.
  • Make sure your flat roof has a slight slope with a minimum fall of 1:40 to ensure that water can run off.

Our flat roof experts know all there is to know about the construction, function and maintenance of flat roofs in Bristol, so if you have concerns about your flat roof, please get in touch.


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Excellent job by Robert and his team to renovate our roofs with new felt, battens, flashings etc. and to lay a new fibreglass flat roof. Kept us informed about progress throughout, with photos, and did a sterling job clearing everything up at the end. Very grateful for such a high quality service, at an affordable price and with minimum disturbance. Highly recommended.
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Thanks rob and he’s team he explained everything to me very clearly, really well mannered gentleman. Very well done will definitely be using again.
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Rob responded quickly to my call, gave a written quote the next day, completed the job within the same week. As I wasn't at the property, he kept me updated throughout and sent pictures at each stage of the job.. He was pleasant, responsive and accomplished, and while he was on site, we agreed to deal with a few other roof issues for a small additional sum. I would definitely use Rob again if needed. Thank you.

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